Solar Lights installed on Countryside Road in Cameroon

Product Deployed:ALIEN Series All-In-One Solar Street Light

Key Specifications:6M Lighting Pole/ 40W LED Light

Qty : 24 sets

Cameroon, 24 sets ALIEN Series All-In-One Solar Street Light were installed in a lane,between the small town and the main road,the year of 2022

The lane makes more convenient travel for local residents.But it’s a pity that there are no street lights for trip in the night. In order to service them for safe and convenient trip in the night.Inlux solar calculate and recommend AIO5 40W all in one light.

Now 24 sets of AIO5 stands by the lane. It’s unique design which can adjust the light source direction,is very suitable for such a crooked lane.As the solar panel should be fixed to the direction of sunshine,we can adjust the light source to make sure that the light can illuminate all over the road.In this way we can use solar power effectively and also fulfill the need of illumination.

Now the local residents are very happy about the installation of AIO5 all in one lights and they can travel conveniently and safely in the night.

Customers and local residents are satisfied by AIO5’s high brightness all night.


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