Solar Lights for Public Park and Residential Zone in Senegal

Product Deployed:JAGUAR Series All-In-Two Solar Street Light with IOT Smart System

Key Specifications:8M Lighting Pole/ 80W LED Light

Qty : 415 sets

In 2020, 415 sets of INLUX's solar street lights were installed in parks and living areas in Dhaka, capital of Senegal. These solar street lights were also equipped with the latest IOT Smart system, which can remotely control and maintain all solar street lights. The President of Senegal inspected and greatly praised the project. When we did a return visit to the customer in February 2022, the customer said that the lifespan of solar street lamps from other local suppliers was generally about 2 years. However, our solar street lamps still operated very well with no reduction in brightness and lighting time, which made the customer and the government very happy.


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