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Solar Lights for Police University in Tunis

Product Deployed:ALIEN Series All-In-One Solar Street Light

Key Specifications:6M Lighting Pole/ 60W LED Light

Qty : 270 sets

In 2021, after nearly one year of bidding and strict selection, ALIEN Series All-In-One solar street light of INLUX were successfully awarded the project of Tunisian Police University. 270 sets of ALIEN Series All-in-one solar street lights have been installed in the new-built Tunis Police University. Tunisia is located at 34 degrees north latitude, so the sun shines directly at a greater angle. ALIEN Series All-in-one solar street light has a unique panel angle adjustment feature that keeps the solar panel perpendicular to the angle of direct solar light for maximum Solar panel charging efficiency regardless of whether the Solar Street lamp is installed north or south of the road. Even in winter, ALIEN Series all-in-one solar street light remains high brightness throughout the night, which won great praise from the customer.


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